Education and Training


Upon completion of our certification classes it is reccommended that competencies be completed individually and continuously in the clinical setting to maintain skills and knowledge in a changing health care environment.

After completion of our classes, your nurse will have the proper knowledge to monitor, use, care, and maintain the supplies used for the delivery of infusion therapy. The nurse will be able to identify potential hazards and complications related to equipment, supplies, and intravenous therapy.

Your nurse will be knowledgeable in the understanding of all applications of infusion therapy and will have the ability to recognize complications and initiate interventions to minimize risks and achieve positive patient outcomes.

Our training offers...
Standards of Practice
Legal Aspects
Ethical Considerations
Policy and Procedure
Nursing Assessment
Evaluation and Monitoring
Class Hours - 9 AM to 5 PM
IV Access nurses travel to your facility to hold and train classes.

To sign up, contact Craig Derderian via the contact page.