About IV Access Inc.

IV Access was started in 2002, and has since accumulated a client base of eighty facilities, including extended care facilities, sub-acute facilities, and hospitals. Client-building has been achieved through a solid reputation, word-of-mouth, and professional alliances.

IV Access offers a cost-effective and highly sought after medical service. Its ultrasound trained nurses travel to hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and extended care facilities to cover all of your IV needs, including peripheral lines, midlines, and PICC lines.

IV Access' growth occurred quickly, with service and contracts being its main priority. IV Access employees travel to hospitals, sub-acute and extended care facilities to insert a range of intravenous therapies. To insert IVs during a more complicated procedure such as PICC lines, employees make use of portable ultrasound machines, which have a 99 percent success rate. Without the ultrasound, success rates are about 75 percent.

IV Access is commited to insertion services, flexibility, education, and excellence.

We evaluate central lines.
We insert central lines.
We discontinue central lines.
We provide education -IV certification classes.

All services are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Our services are flexible and reliable.
All of our services take place at your facility.